Writer's Block - How to Overcome that Block

Overcome Writer's BlockIf you're a writer then there is a good chance that, at one point in your career, you suffered from the non-deadly affliction known as writer's block.  Some of the most famous writers in history suffered so there's no need to feel ashamed, but it is something you need to get over if you're ever going to meet your deadline or finish that article or book.  With that in mind here are a number of great tips and exercises that you can perform to get over that little slump and keep writing.

One of the best is to write a letter to someone you know well and tell them something interesting that you have done recently, using as much detail as you can.  Yes it's not what you need to write but it can get the creative cogs spinning in your idea factory (your brain).

Another is to use an app on your phone that will turn it into a recorder and always record your ideas no matter where you are.  It is said that some of the best ideas come when we're out doing things and not concentrating on writing so make sure you have a mobile device to record those ideas!

Starting your project somewhere other than the beginning is a great way to get those fingers typing.  If there's a part of your story that interests you more and you haven't figured out the beginning yet, don't start at the start, start at the middle. Or the end even!

One last idea.  Scientists believe that physical exercise and the endorphins that it releases are also good for increasing thought production in the brain so hit the treadmill, take a swim or play a game of tennis.  In other words, move your body to stimulate your brain.

The simple fact is that writer's block is a job hazard and, like any hazard, needs to be avoided if possible and dealt with if necessary.  The above tips should help you with the latter and I wish you all the luck in the world with the former.